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The Northstar Burger (Beet/Lentil/Rice/Bean Burger)



My Ohio friends will undoubtedly understand the magnitude of this post. Those of you here in Texas won’t really get it, and honestly I feel really sorry for you. Not because you’re on the outside looking in, but because you’ve never experienced the epiphanous food moment that makes…

Gray days

Gray days

On this (hopefully) last day of frigid winter … why don’t you celebrate the waning cold by watching my snowy, blustery music video for Knee Deep?  <3<3

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I Got the Sun in the Morning - Irving Berlin Remake

Me and Jeff Fowler singing Tower of Learning by Rufus Wainwright.  


Just FYI, Jeff is in my band and is one of my favorite musicians in the city!  So creative, sensitive, and deeply talented.  You should check out his other stuff at his website - he does some damn breathtaking photography as well.  Whew!

Knee Deep (an epilogue)

This summer has been harrowing, with the longest unrelenting heat wave of +95 degree heat index I’ve ever experienced, near heat-exhaustion from running in said weather, and battling slugs in my garden.

It’s times like these, sitting around your apartment in your underwear, sweating and cursing your window air conditioner, when you forget that six short months ago you were wishing for this moment, dreaming of the sweet taste of summer fruit and tomatoes.

Six months ago I was in northern Michigan recording the music video for Knee Deep (an epilogue).  It was a frigid few days, never reaching a temperature higher than 17 degrees.  It snowed - a lot.  My boots were literally soaked through, and then frozen.  And I don’t know how to explain the cold we felt the night we filmed at the cabin.  After being outside since sunrise, the nighttime temp was 0 degrees, and though the cabin offered some shelter from the wind, it was not built to be a winter structure and snow was trickling in through the ceiling vents.  The ice from the lake was creaking and moaning - the most eerie sound I have ever heard.  I was so, so cold for so, so long that I could barely move, barely think.  I actually started to hallucinate sounds.  I was hearing a mosquito buzz in my right ear.  Actually hearing it.  I kept on checking to see if it was there, and though logic told me that no mosquito could live in that environment, the buzzing wouldn’t subside.

(…this phenomenon has continued since then, but that’s a whole different story…)

This video comes from the deepest, most honest place for me.  The song was written about a trip I took to this very lake, in the dead of winter, several years ago.  I had never seen the lake frozen before, and it was so quiet, so pristine, so holy.  I walked out onto the ice in amazement at the beauty around me, only to discover that it wasn’t thoroughly frozen.  I was essentially walking on thick slush I could easily dig into, uncovering standing water.  I panicked and dashed to the nearest land and scrambled up a steep embankment with my bare hands in the snow, jeans soaked to the knee.  I was alone, in every sense of the word, and devastated that something so perfect on the surface could be so dangerous.  Ever since then I’ve had the strongest desire to return, to make something beautiful out of that memory.

If it weren’t for my incredible director / editor / camera man / personal hero, I would never have been able to complete this.  Throughout these extreme conditions he kept me focused, pushed to keep up the pace, and did incredible work.  He really understood my vision, and saw it through to completion.  Thank you, Dave, from the bottom of my heart for making this video a reality.  

To many more projects, and many more lovely, nostalgic, snowy days!

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